Volume PCB production

Production capabilities

Mid-volume PCB production

We offer a variety of electronics
manufacturing services

Although improving rapid prototyping is at the core of CircuitHub's mission, we also offer a variety of low to mid-volume PCB assembly services. Hosting your PCB projects on the CircuitHub platform allows you to keep all your manufacturing in one place, whether you are building one or thousands of boards.

Blanket and batch

Scheduled orders

Schedule multiple delivery dates for the same PCB in order to take advantage of bulk pricing.

Set a shipment schedule ahead of time or place a blanket order with adjustable shipments to fit your needs as they evolve.

Pre-purchased parts and consignment inventory

Supply chain management

We can pre-buy parts and hold consigned inventory on your behalf, giving you peace-of-mind that you won't run into any last minute part shortages.

We'll work with you to manage tough-to-source parts and provide BOM feedback.

Workmanship guarantee

Quality you can trust

All our partners comply with international standards to ensure consistency and quality with everything we build. All boards are assembled in Massachusetts, USA.

We will replace or repair any boards in the rare instance they are not assembled correctly or the PCB does not meet design requirements.

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Add-on assembly services

Firmware programming

Chip programming services available
on board volumes of 200+ units.

Conformal coating

Protect your boards from extreme environments,
electrical leakage, and exposure to the elements.

Functional testing

Simulate the actual environment your
boards will be used in for early debugging.

Custom assembly

We are experienced in handling a wide range
of advanced assembly requirements.  

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