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CircuitHub's Coronavirus Response

Updated August 18, 2020

A Message from our CEO Regarding COVID-19

Dear CircuitHub Customers,

While you are no doubt dealing with many personal and professional concerns related to COVID-19, I wanted to take a minute to explain what you can expect from CircuitHub over the coming weeks.

At this time, CircuitHub and the majority of the companies that form our supply chain will remain open as we are considered essential businesses, manufacturing parts for the Medical, Energy, Aerospace, and Communications industries.

We have been planning for and working to mitigate the effects of the Coronavirus pandemic since it first became apparent in January. While we have seen significant disruption in the domestic and overseas bare board supply chain, which has impacted lead times, we have been able to maintain our full turnkey assembly service.

We have implemented the following steps internally to keep our team safe over the coming weeks:

  • Most employees have been working from home since the beginning of March.
  • A continuous cleaning schedule inside our manufacturing facility.
  • We are closely following instructions from the CDC, local government and county officials.

We are already working with various groups on electronics to fight COVID-19, and we are looking to support more. We can provide rapid circuit board assembly and financial support; please reach out to support@circuithub.com

We will continue to provide you with updates as the situation progresses.

We wish everyone the best of health in these trying times. Together we can beat the virus.

Andrew Seddon
CEO CircuitHub

18th August Update

All services are now mostly back to normal. Although our delivery guarantee for short lead time orders is still suspended, the majority of orders are shipping on time. We are still occasionally seeing delays due to shipping carrier issues, but are doing our best to mitigate these disruptions.

18th June Update

Due to the extremely high shipping volumes related to COVID-19, we have noticed consistent delays with domestic shipping. On average, packages are being delayed two to three days. We have also been notified that UPS has suspended live customer support due to the pandemic.

30th April Update

We have partnered with Meter to assist in their development of The Rise Emergency Ventilator. The life saving device was specifically designed for rapid scaling with components available in the current supply chain and without the need for medically-specialized manufacturing.

31st March Update

  • As per notification from DHL, bare boards arriving from our Chinese suppliers are currently experiencing a 2-4 day shipping delay. This is currently not accounted for in the quoting algorithm, but we are working on factoring this in within the next few days.
  • We are trying our best to meet quoted turnaround times, but unfortunately have had to temporarily suspend this guarantee.
  • Orders placed on quick-turn will still be prioritized over those placed on longer lead times.
  • Electronics directly related to fighting COVID-19 will be given priority.

26th March Update

Chinese PCB Fabrication: Our board partners in China are now fully operational. Our Chinese suppliers are typically used for lead times longer than 6 days so any projects you have with a lead time of 6 days or longer will be normally fulfilled.

US-based PCB Fabrication: Due to the increasing number of COVID-19 cases, companies in the US are beginning to make adjustments to best handle the situation. As of right now, our US-based partners are online, but we’re monitoring the situation closely as things could change quickly. We typically work with US-based fabricators for quick-turn projects under 6 days so these may be less available as the situation continues.

PCB Assembly: All of our PCB assembly is completed in-house at our facility in Western Massachusetts. Due to our automation and low population density in Western MA, our assembly facility is fully operational and will continue to be for the foreseeable future.

23rd March Update

  • Supply chains remain disrupted, but CircuitHub is optimally positioned to provide you with full turnkey assembly, given the global circumstances.
  • Massachusetts prototype and production assembly lines fully operational.
  • Chinese bare board suppliers are returning to standard production capacity and clearing the backlog. This primarily affects higher quantity orders placed with CircuitHub.
  • China to US courier service is less reliable than usual, which may, in some cases, add three to four days to your estimated delivery date. This is sporadic and not accounted for at the quote stage.
  • US bare board fabs running at standard production capacity but still behind schedule due to China shut down. We expect to continue to see this normalize over the coming days as China continues to ramp.
  • Parts supply chain as yet relatively unaffected for low to mid-volume orders. You may start to see shortages for higher volume production orders.