Prototype PCB

Rapidly iterate on designs, see what’s driving cost, and accelerate your time to market.

Turnkey prototype and low-volume PCB assembly with ultra-competitive pricing and lead times as short as 3 days.

Quick-turn prototypes and low volume PCB assembly

Why order your PCB prototypes from CircuitHub?

Does your company need to spin boards quickly and go through multiple prototype iterations?
Our PCB prototype services are designed to help you accelerate the pace of innovation and get to market faster.

Advanced Online Platform

Securely and confidentially upload your design files to CircuitHub’s online, self-serve platform and get a quote in minutes. We work with most major EDA tools.

Select your parts, board specifications, quantity and lead time and watch the quote update in realtime.

Dedicated Prototyping Facility

Our custom prototype factory uses proprietary software and equipment that was custom designed specifically for prototype and low volume assembly.

We offer cost-effective prototypes that are assembled in our Massachusetts facilities and shipped on-time in as few as 3 days. Next day is shipping available.

Top-notch Customer Service

Don’t be shy! Although our service is designed to be self-serve we have a team of engineers and product specialists ready to walk you through any questions.

Our post order issues communications system is designed to keep you in the loop while your boards are being fabricated and assembled.

Quick-turn PCB prototyping shouldn’t break your budget

Check out our 3-day prototyping service, our cheapest and fastest service for low to mid complexity boards.

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Could your company benefit by switching to a digital, on-demand manufacturing service?

See how CircuitHub helps hardware companies accelerate their prototyping cycle and get to market faster.

We help companies across numerous industries accelerate their time to market

Workmanship You Can Trust

All orders are backed by our workmanship guarantee and we will repair/replace at no cost to you in the rare instance that things are not assembled correctly or the PCB does not meet design requirements for up to a year after shipping.

We also ensure that we and any manufacturing partners we take on are fully vetted and compliant with the proper certifications including ISO, RoHS, IPC, and UL.

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