Scalable electronics fabrication for Makers and Hardware Startups

Synchronize your Eagle, KiCAD or Altium design via Dropbox.

Use of Dropbox allows you to import new revisions in seconds, and receive quotes as your design progresses.

Instant Turnkey Quoting

We extract hundreds of key parameters from your design and instantly provide a quote from 1 to 10,000 boards. This includes parts, pcb and assembly.

Scale from prototype to production instantly

From 1 unit in 24 hours to 10,000 boards a month, we provision automatically at the appropriate Fabrication Center.

Worthington Assembly

US East (W. Massachusetts) Fabrication center

CircuitHub integrates deeply with our partner fabrication centers to reduce cost, lead time and risk. Together we provide the agility you need to scale your hardware product from prototype to production.