Rapid prototyping and on-demand production for assembled circuit boards

Rapid electronics manufacturing

Our advanced platform provides you with an instant quote on your parts, PCB and assembly from 1 to 10,000 units. Our software is deeply integrated with the production line. This allows us to get your printed circuit board assemblies completed quickly, at the highest quality and lowest cost.

Interactive instant PCBA quote

Get a quote for full turnkey pcb assembly directly from your EDA files within five minutes

  • Upload your Altium, EAGLE, or KiCAD design directly to the CircuitHub platform

  • Select your board specifications, quantity and lead time and watch the quote update in realtime

  • Integrated DFM feedback

  • 100% of boards are assembled in the USA

How It Works
Platform demo

Optimized for high-mix manufacturing

Prototype factory

Our full turnkey PCBA prototyping service offers ultra competitive pricing and lead times as fast as 3 days. Our custom designed factory uses software orchestration to assemble multiple different  printed circuit board designs at the same time. This enables us to provide all our customers with fast lead times cost-effectively.

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Mid-volume production up to 10,000 Units

Production factory

After finalizing your board through prototyping scale seamlessly to a more traditional production line. We offer a full scope of electronics
manufacturing services including scheduled orders, inventory management, and more.

Smart Factory

We ship worldwide

We ship assembled circuit boards to over 20 countries worldwide as fast as 3 days.

  • Next day domestic shipping.

  • International in days.

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