Scalable Electronics Manufacturing

On-demand manufacturing from 1 to 10,000 units.

How It Works

CircuitHub integrates directly into the equipment on the shop floor of our manufacturing partners. By doing this we are able to offer impeccable quality at affordable pricing. In most cases we can offer onshore manufacturing at offshore prices. As our process is automated you will spend less time communicating with the factory and more time engineering your product. We are always transparent about where you product is being made and you can even visit the shop floor if you like!

Community of Reference Designs

Explore our community of open source hardware to find a starting point for your design. Create your custom variant and save costs by sharing supply chain with the original.

Box Build and Test

Although we are happy to handle just the PCBA, we can also source enclosures, test your boards and produce the final product ready for shipping to customers. Call or email for details.

Optimize Your BOM Cost

CircuitHub computes an optimised bill of materials for your design. Your rough part specifications are automatically converted to the most popular parts in our community. Parts are optionally cross referenced to cheaper more available substitutes.

We aim to stock the most popular parts in the community. This reduces your parts and assembly cost.

High PartRank™ parts have fewer supply chain issues and design support from the community.

Use Your Existing EDA Tool

CircuitHub augments the tools you already know, don't waste time learning new software.

Inventory Management and Fulfillment

CircuitHub can optionally handle your finished inventory and ship direct to customers on demand. Integrate our API into your shopfront and we will manage the entire supply chain to your end customer.

Design Support

Thousands of engineers use CircuitHub to help them design and manufacture products. If you're starting with an idea you can quickly connect with an engineer to help you prototype and graduate to production.


Regulatory compliance is a key aspect of bringing your product to market. Call or email us and we can help you get through the process quickly and cost efficiently.

3,000+ Engineers build hardware faster with CircuitHub

"The feature I'm most impressed by is the instant quote, the quantity and lead time slider bars are priceless."

Brandon Harris - Senior Systems Engineer,Electric Imp

"CircuitHub lets us outsource some of the more difficult aspects of hardware manufacture--namely sourcing components, and managing the assembly of product. CircuitHub is excellent in this regard. We're very happy with their service!"

Eric Jennings - CEO,Pinoccio