PCB Capabilities & Design Rules

Standard PCB Design Rules

Designs outside of these specifications can be manufactured but will trigger a manual quote. Manual quotes are normally return within 24 hours. Please contact support if your quote does not change from in progress. 

PCB Specifications
Thickness Range 0.4mm - 3.0mm
Layers 2 - 8
Finish ENIG
Material FR4 TG 130-153 / FR4 High TG

ROHS compliant

Min Track / Gap 0.09mm / 0.09mm
Min Drill 0.15mm
Min Plated Half Hole 0.6mm
Copper to hole clearance .2mm
Copper weight 1 - 3 oz
Soldermask color Black / White / Blue / Yellow / Red / Purple / Green / Green Matte
Silkscreen color White / Black
Silkscreen min track 0.15mm
Silkscreen min height 0.178mm
Min Silk to Silk / Silk to Pad clearance .15mm
Max Dimensions 418mm x 435mm

Custom Requirements

If you have specific requirements such as castellated edges simply click the "Add custom requirements" button and note your requirements. Please note that this will trigger a manual quote.  Do not use this for assembly instructions, see How can I specify custom assembly instructions for more information.


Click here to view our standard Standard Multi-Layer PCB Stackups.

quality Assurance

Please see this article for information on how we handle quality control. 

Rework Policy

At CircuitHub we stand behind our work and will do everything we can to make sure you are delivered a great, functioning product. We guarantee all workmanship and will repair/replace at no cost to you in the rare instance that things are not assembled correctly or the PCB does not meet your specified design requirements. We are unable to cover actual design issues. If you have any boards that need to be returned for rework please create an issue on your order page with details or email us at support@circuithub.com