screenshot of CircuitHub user interface
screenshot of CircuitHub user interface

Software-driven electronics manufacturing

You focus on the design, we handle the manufacturing.

Accelerate the pace of innovation

Software-enabled electronics manufacturing service

Rather than being a traditional manufacturer, at our core we are a technology company. Being  software-based allows us to innovate, rather than relying only on processes and equipment to get the job done. Connecting the production equipment with our custom software enables us to provide a quick turn electronics assembly service while maintaining affordable pricing.

Quick-turn, low volume PCB assembly

Rapid prototyping

  • Our US based, custom smart factory is designed differently than traditional manufacturers and is optimized for high mix, low volume manufacturing.

  • By utilizing software automation and robotics we’re able to provide lead time as quick as 3 days while maintaining top quality and affordable pricing.

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a robotic arm holding a printed circuit board

Tightly integrated partner factories

Volume PCB production

  • We also offer mid volume PCB production services. Go to market with confidence -- the data from prototyping runs is used to ensure production goes exactly as planned.

  • All of our partners run using the CircuitHub platform ensuring that you get the same quality and experience whether you are building one or thousands of boards.

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microcontrollers in a tray with one being picked up by a handheld vacuum tool
a microcontroller being picked up by a hand held vacuum tool
a tray of microcontrollers
microcontrollers in a tray with one being picked up by a handheld vacuum tool
microcontroller chip
a tray of microcontrollers

Advanced sourcing

Parts and logistics

  • Deep integration with the bare board and parts supply chain allows us to provide truly instant quoting. Less back and forth communication and negotiation means you are able to focus on the design.

  • Easily provide custom sourcing and pricing and select which components you would like to consign.

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part sourcing
3d graphic of printed circuit board with components

Circuit board technology

High-spec multilayer PCBs

We support advanced designs up to 32 layers

  • Use a custom stackup or let us pick one for you

  • Impedance control

  • Blind / burried vias

  • Super quick-turn prototypes on up to 6 layer pcbs

  • Pick from a variety silkscreen and soldermask options

  • All boards are electrically tested

  • We insist on high quality ENIG (or better) plating for optimal yield

Speak to one of our consultants if you have any concerns or special requirements. We're here to help!

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Surface mount technology

Assembly capabilities

  • We can place package sizes down to 01005, but we prefer to recommend a common sense package size that best suits your product. Stick with 0201 or larger, unless your design demands it.

  • There is no guess work in our process. Deep integrations with your EDA tool allows us to establish polarity and package fits directly from your design data.  

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Workmanship you can trust

Quality control

  • We ensure that any manufacturing partners we take on are fully vetted and are compliant with the proper certifications including ISO, RoHS, IPC, and UL.

  • We only source components from authorized distributors in order to guarantee components' durability, quality & performance.

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