We're building a future where hardware companies can design and iterate as fast as software companies

CircuitHub is on a mission to fix rapid electronics prototyping. We are the first automated electronics factory built around a modern tech stack. We help hardware companies producing self driving cars, satellites, 3D printers, robotics, & more to rapidly prototype electronics and get to market faster.

We've raised $5M from top investors that include Y Combinator , Google Ventures, & more. With business growing fast we are looking to fill roles in Massachusetts, USA and London, UK . 

Join us to solve real world problems while shaping the future of automated manufacturing. 

Email careers@circuithub.com






Join our growing team to work on a variety of problems across CircuitHub's entire stack. No direct experience with factory automation or electronics is necessary but we like curious people willing to learn.

Our stack:

  • Haskell API server using GHC 8, Yesod, Opaleye, and many other libraries from Hackage.

  • Elm front end.

  • PostgreSQL for data storage, with querying via Opaleye & Rel8.

  • AWS / Heroku for hosting.

  • NixOS for development environments, continuous integration and deployments.

  • Functional reactive programming for standalone GUI applications.

  • Prometheus and Grafana for metrics and instrumentation.

What we look for:

  • You enjoy figuring out what to work on and teaching yourself whatever you need to get the job done.

  • You enjoy working as part of a team and you're also happy working on your own.

  • An ability to move quickly and and respond to changing requirements.

  • Pride in your work, taking ownership of features and collecting requirements from end users.

The types of things we work on:

  • Factory automation.

  • Operations research (linear programming, sequence optimisation, resource allocation).

  • Interfaces to industrial robots.

  • Computer vision using OpenCV via Haskell bindings.

  • Web scraping.

  • Standard CRUD forms.

  • Parsing EDA (Electronic Design Automation) files.

  • 2D geometry (spatial indexing).

  • Logistics automation.

  • API integrations.

DATA SCIENTIST (london, uk)

The types of things we work on:

  • Price optimisation

  • Search ranking

  • Operations research

  • Customer Lifetime Value Modelling

  • Computer Vision