Andrew Seddon

Andrew Seddon

Founder & CEO

Andrew studied Electrical Engineering at the University Of Leeds before leaving to found the electronics design consultancy Cambridge Signal Processing, where he lead a multidisciplinary team creating cutting edge consumer, scientific and medical products. He became increasingly frustrated with the cost and complexity of getting hardware products to market and was driven to found CircuitHub!
Rehno Lindeque

Rehno Lindeque

Founder & CTO

Rehno is a software developer with a background in 3D virtual reality simulations, web development, and enterprise SAP software. He enjoys the study of theoretical topics in computer science and hungers to apply those lessons learned in the real world. He is also excited by the prospect of meaningful technological progress and hopes to leverage his entrepreneurial spirit in order to leave the world a better place.
Melissa Hough

Melissa Hough

Director of Communications

Melissa runs our marketing and outreach efforts and coordinates our press coverage. She holds a Bachelor of the Arts from UCLA where she studied sociology and human complex systems with a special emphasis on new and social media. We lured her away from Wonacott Communications, a PR firm in Los Angeles that focuses on video game and technology companies.
Theunis Kotze

Theunis Kotze


Theunis studied computer science at the University of Pretoria in South Africa. As a software developer, he has worked in virtual reality, gaming, simulation, and web development. Theunis always seeks opportunities to learn. Consequently, he thinks CircuitHub is pretty, pretty, pretty cool.


Jon Friedman, PhD


Jonathan holds a doctorate in Electrical Engineering from UCLA, a bachelors from Georgia Tech, and an appointment in the UCLA Department of Neurology as a Visiting Scholar. He has held post-doctoral positions at USC and the Information Sciences Institute. He is the author of 31 peer-reviewed scientific articles (including 2 “best paper” awards), a laboratory manual, and has won 3 international design contests.

Anton Podviaznikov

Founding Partner

Anton enjoys programming in Clojure and CoffeeScript. He contributes to a wide range of open source projects. When Anton isn't programming he's travelling!

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